Contintuing To Manage Ourselves In These Uncertain Times

I know that for many people, they felt like some sense of normality was coming back after Covid and then BAM!.  Russia invades Ukraine.

And I don’t know about you, but it feels like we have all been battered and bruised with everything that has gone on over the last number of years, even before Covid came along.

It is very easy to feel disempowered and the situation in Ukraine has certainly brought up a lot of emotion in me.

The Russian Embassy is close enough to where I live and I went up to demonstrate in the first few days.

When I was within about 500 metres of the embassy, I was hit with this huge wave of energy, which became more intense, the closer I got.

And it wasn’t just that day, each time I had to pass the Embassy, which I would normally do quite regularly, I kept experiencing the same thing.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to do as this energy felt so intense, it was very upsetting and quite overwhelming for me.  I started to avoid going past the building.

Then ALL of my work got cancelled for a couple of weeks, I had all of this emotion coming up so I knew that there was something going on.

I felt that I was being called on to do something, but I wasn’t quite sure what.  So, I spoke to the energy and asked it what it needed.  The answer that came back is that it wanted to be healed.

Luckily, I have tapping as a wonderful resource.

The first thing I did was work on my own feelings about the energy and what is happening in Ukraine.  Once that was cleared, I started to do the surrogate work on clearing the energy, which I am still continuing to do.

Each time I do the work, I ask the energy if it wants me to work with it.  So far, the answer has always been yes.

It seems to like me to work for about 40 minutes at a time!

For me now, when I go past the Embassy, the energy feels lighter – but it keeps letting me know that we are not done yet, so I will keep on going for as long as it needs me.

Btw, once I made the space to work on the energy, my appointments started filling up again.

So What Can We Do?

There are things that we can do at a practical level in terms of donating, but it is very hard to deal with the disturbing images, reports and stories that we are seeing and hearing.  And each week brings a new set of things to worry about – the threat of nuclear attacks, energy and food shortages, price increases….it just keeps on going.

It is good to be informed but if we find that hearing and seeing what is going on overly distressing, maybe it is a good idea to limit how much we are exposing ourselves to the news .

It’s not that we don’t care, but making ourselves really upset isn’t going to help anyone.  We are in a much stronger position to help if we are coming from a calm place.

What we can do is to observe what is happening and notice what it is bringing up in us – whether it’s fear, anger, uncertainty, lack of security and find a way to process and manage this.

I do believe in the power of prayer and in the power of positive purpose and consciousness.

With this in mind, what we can do is to become spiritual warriors, fiercely maintaining our own sense of self and calm, and from this space, sending out the power of positive intention.

The light is always stronger than the darkness, and we must do what we can to hold on to our light.

Below please see a link to a video I did on tapping for peace within ourselves and for peace in Ukraine.

We first tap on the emotions that we are feeling and then send out a meditation of peace.  If this is resonating with you, please watch, tap along and participate in the meditation at the end.  And also, please feel free to share.

Tapping For Peace In Ukraine

Above all, remember to be gentle and kind to yourself and keep holding on to the light.



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