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Individual one to one EFT therapy sessions with Grainne

What IS EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, sometimes referred to as tapping (or EFT Tapping), is a technique which combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points while tuning into a problem which could be emotional pain, stress, unhappy memories, physical pain or fearful events past, present or future.

When tapping is done correctly the emotional factors that contribute to the problem are released.

If you have some kind of physical ailment and you go to an acupuncturist, they will work to release a block in your energy system.

In the same way, if you think of something that causes you stress, very often you will have a physical symptom- pain in your stomach, tightness in your chest, shortness of breath etc. And so, like with a physical ailment, when you think about something stressful, you will also have a block in your energy system.

When you tap on the acupuncture points or meridians, it sends a vibration down the energy line which shifts the block a little bit. You keep doing this until the block is cleared. Very often, after a few minutes of tapping, people say that they feel calmer, lighter and more relaxed.

Choose an EFT package

Kickstarter Package:


Working with me for 3 x 1 hour session every 2 weeks, this is for you if you are trying to finding the solution to a specific challenge that you are currently facing, whether it be related to your work, relationships or socially (and usually they are related!!).

At the end of this work, you will have renewed confidence that life is good now and the expectation that it will get even better.

Rediscover your passion


We meet for 6 sessions and work on finally getting rid of those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. At the end of this process, you will have the clarity about where you would like to go in your life, and connect back to your passion.

Move Into Bliss


This is for you if you really want to dig deep, make it happen and invite huge success into your life.

At an initial meeting, we discuss what you would like to achieve,  what you think may be holding you back, and what being your fully magnificent self looks like.

Then I do up a plan of how we are going to get there.  This will usually involve clearing events from your past, that have shaped the way you are today.

In doing this, you start to form new beliefs and patterns that are taking you towards where you want to be.  Finally, we develop strategies for your success, and so that you are 100% congruent with your new direction.

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Not achieving what you want in your life?  Struggling to find your voice?  Don't have the confidence to do what you want to do?  Book your free 15 minute clarity call to see what EFT can do for you. 

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How Does EFT Tapping Work? What Does EFT Do?

I often get asked this – what does EFT really do??  How does it work?

If someone is feeling stress or anxiety, it may be because of whatever is going on in their life now, or it could be because of something that happened in the past, and for some reason it is coming up now. Very often if you are completing overreacting to a situation, it usually means that it is triggering something from your past.

What we do with EFT is to find out where the problem came from.

Remember, when you popped into the world (i.e. you were born), you didn’t have social anxiety, low self-esteem, fear of driving on motorways or lack of self-confidence.

Something happened to make you feel this way or take on limiting beliefs about yourself.

What happens in a session?

In a session, we will be work to find the core events that are contributing to how you are feeling today, and to process any unresolved emotions of something that has happened in the past.

Let me give you an example:

Margaret worked in a job that she really enjoyed. After a particularly stressful time in work, she suddenly developed this fear of driving on the motorway. She had tried anti-anxiety medication but that hadn’t worked, and came to me because she felt that there had to be a better solution.

Working with Margaret, we identified some key events in her past that felt like the fear that she felt while driving on the motorway. These related to a particularly bad break up with a boyfriend, and also something that happened to her in college. Using EFT, we cleared the emotions relating to these past events and her fear of driving on the motorway disappeared.’

Reaction to therapy

Different people will react in different ways to events. For some people, the emotion will work its way out over time, and for others, as a direct result of what happened, they may take on the belief such as it’s not safe to show emotion, they/their feelings are not important, big girls don’t cry etc.

Or they may find that they are getting very upset at something completely which may not be that serious, and can’t figure out why. In my own case, when my father died, I would get really upset about fairly minor things that were unrelated. This was how my grief and upset came out.

And sometimes the event that we work on can be something, which when looking back on it now, you think that it’s not a big deal, but to a young child, it could have felt like the end of the world.

Jackie’s Story

Jackie really struggled with her confidence. This affected her in her work environment and also with relationships. Her boss said to her that she was really good at her job but that it was her confidence that was holding her back.

Working with Jackie, we identified some key events in her past that contributed to the way she was feeling today. One of these related to being in school and being asked to read in front of the class. She had been diagnosed with dyslexia but the teacher made fun of her in front of the class and the class all laughed at her.

At the time, she didn’t probably tell anyone about it, and kept all of the emotions inside her. Indeed, her 7 year old self probably didn’t even know what she was feeling, but this feeling of being stupid had stayed with her ever since.

By working to clear the emotion on this past event and other events, Jackie felt much more confident about herself, ready to have a relationship and to go for promotions within work.

So many clients have said to me that they can’t believe that their 5 year old self is running the show!!

What you want is that it is your adult self making the choices and running the show now.


Don’t worry

Many clients think “I’ve got so much stuff in my past I wouldn’t know where to start” or “I can’t think of where this anxiety/problem comes from!”

These are the two different very common viewpoints that people often come to me with.

If you have loads of events from your past, you may think that you could be working on this forever, and never get to the end. But this isn’t the case.

Usually, if you work on the key events, then the other events will not have the same emotional charge, and will just feel like a memory.

My job is to work with you to identify the events to work on.

Similarly, if you can’t think of where your problem came from, my job is to be a detective and to work with you to find out what events might have contributed to the way you are feeling today.

I have worked with so many clients with a range of different problems. These have ranged from anxiety and stress, to more general feelings of lack of joy in their lives, unresolved grief, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, not wanting to be seen, procrastination etc.


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Not achieving what you want in your life?  Struggling to find your voice?  Don’t have the confidence to do what you want to do?  Book your free 15 minute clarity call to see what EFT can do for you. 

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