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Tapping with Grainne has changed my life

Tapping with Grainne has changed my life. Prior to working with Grainne, i suffered from paralysing anxiety and sadness. I constantly worried about  what might happen and of course always expected the worst! I lacked confidence as I never felt “good enough”. I blocked happiness because I didnt think I deserved it.
Since working with Grainne, I have gained confidence and even taken up group hobbies. I have attracted other positive people into my life and now have so much fun. I can detach from the problems of others rather than taking them on as my own. Friends and family too, have  noticed the change and commented on how full my life has become.
I looked forward to the tapping sessions with Grainne and thoroughly enjoyed going through the process. She is a woman of great integrity, extreme kindness and is very intuitive. She is a natural gifted healer and has a genuine interest in every individual.
I am now a much happier person.
I have recommended tapping to other family members and friends and they also have felt the benefits.
I would advise anyone who is experiencing physical, mental or emotional difficulty to give tapping with Grainne a try!

Had the most soothing meditation experience with Grainne.

Had the most soothing meditation experience with Grainne. She took us on a journey within our bodies, was totally immersed from the start, it all flowed divinely. The fact that she has a warm rich voice was also a contributor to the experience. Came out the other side feeling so relaxed, floating really.


It has freed me up to let go of stuff

‘It has freed me up to let go of the stuff that I previously thought about myself or had been told about myself.  It also gave me an understanding that sometimes the way I talk to myself is not actually the reality of the situation.’


I wouldn’t have trusted myself before working with you

‘If I hadn’t done the work with you, I wouldn’t have trusted myself, I wouldn’t have stepped up, and the part of me that would have wanted to jump in, wanted to defend, wanting to get my point across, wanting to be in control of things, that’s gone.  I find myself listening more and reasoning things out more.’

I am more in control of me and how I behave

‘I feel gentler and more present in the world, and that I am more in control of me and how I behave.  As a result of that, it has changed my interactions with family, in a positive away.  Say there was conflict or an argument over something, I deal with it completely differently.  That has had a huge impact, in that things get resolved much quicker or I’m able to say ‘that’s actually nothing to do with me, you’ll have to deal with that.  I listen, but I’m not going to engage in a cyclical argument about who did what when and what somebody should be doing.  That’s been huge – handing stuff back.’


I’m doing life differently because the fear of the unknown isn’t there.

‘I’m more confident.  I’m doing life differently because the fear of the unknown isn’t there; the imagined fear of what I think might happen or could happen isn’t there and it’s allowed me to deal with people, situations in a much more centred emotionally controlled way.  It’s given me great clarity because I don’t have so many emotions coming into my head but it allows me to function better, to deal with things better, to be much more focused.  The biggest game changer for me was the ability to venture into something that I wouldn’t really have undertaken before.’


I am my own person now and the value of that cannot be understated. 

I was turning 50 and there were things that I knew that I wanted to resolve, and despite having done work on myself before, I really wanted to focus fully on me.  And it was important to me that I took my time with it.

There were a few different areas I wanted to work on: self-confidence, trusting myself, getting rid of pain from childhood.  I wanted to heal myself so that heading into my 50s would be a positive experience for me

I was tired of feeling ‘less than’ in myself.  It hurt me to feel these things because I knew that I didn’t have to feel this way.  I felt that my past was intruding on my life now and I wanted to resolve the issues related to it and I wanted to be freer.  There was a lot there.

I found the process of working with you was gentle.  It was a safe process to be in.  I actually looked forward to our sessions.  I trusted you implicitly and as time went by I trusted myself more in the process.  I never felt that I was going to be brought into something that I would not be able to deal with when I left you.  I really felt that you gave me the tools to handle whatever came up.  I always felt that things were resolved.

The impact of doing this work with you has been huge personally.  The ripple effect is that it has definitely changed the dynamics of my relationships.  I feel much more independent, separate in myself.  I don’t need other people to validate me or to confirm who I am or to maybe confirm the negative bits in me.  And it’s lovely when someone says to you naturally, ‘wow, you seem so much more together’ –  that’s been huge, so I have a lovely sense of who I am and trusting that and not having to go to others for approval or whatever.

People say that I am quieter, not shouting as much, much more relaxed.  I would say I’m a much more pleasant human being to be around.  Both of my children have said that I’m not as quick to be upset or angry.  My husband has said I’m much easier to be around.  My brother has said that he has seen a huge difference in me – and I’ve had other difficulties with another family member and I feel that I’m dealing with it really well.  I’m really clear about what needs to be done.

If I hadn’t done the work with you, I wouldn’t have trusted myself, and I wouldn’t have stepped up (into a new role).  I find myself listening more and reasoning things out more.

It’s given me an ability to think about the worst things and just say, well that may happen, but we’ll deal with it at the time.

If I’m telling someone about you, Grainne, I usually start by saying what a wonderful person you are and how it’s a very comfortable, safe space to be in with you.  I never felt that I was under the clock with you or that what I was saying was irrelevant or unimportant.  That was really valuable.

My past is now my learning, because I understand how I have reacted to it and how I can benefit from it going forward.

The Transformation Tapping Programme with you has been life changing and I think we use that term far too much.  When you are in the s**t, you can’t see ‘life-changing’.  It seems so far out there.  But the fact is I HAVE changed.  I am my own person and the value of that cannot be understated.  When you can rely and trust yourself to bring yourself along on the challenges, there is actually nothing greater than that .  Because when you can rely on yourself, a lot of fear goes out of it.  And if you make a decision that is not right, you know that you can still deal with that, and learn from it .  So it’s going forward with your own sense of self, and trusting that.



If you’d like to have a chat with me about my Transformation Tapping Programme, please contact me at info@grainnemoneill.com and we can have a chat.

EFT Tapping Group – ‘enjoyable and beneficial’

I have been doing EFT (tapping) classes with Grainne for a while now and have found them most enjoyable and beneficial. Grainne has a lovely gentle and warm way about her the makes you feel welcomed and cared for. I would encourage anyone to try EFT as it is definitely a soothing practice that helps relieve stress and calm symptoms.


Online EFT Training – Grainne’s Teaching Style Is Excellent

I found Grainne’s teaching style to be excellent.  I like that she gave great detail on the various aspects of EFT and the use of very practical everyday occurrences as examples of how EFT can benefit our lives.  I found EFT to be an extremely interesting and practical therapy which can be used in many different areas of our daily lives. Level 1 provides a really good basis for the basic of EFT and Grainne is an excellent teacher.

Sally McB

Online EFT Training – Course Was Perfectly Pitched

I loved this online EFT course   It surpassed my expectations with the variety of EFT tools included in Level 1.  The course was perfectly pitched and I enjoyed that it was held over 4 sessions.  This was my first online course and I wouldn’t hesitate to do another with Grainne. Thank you Grainne!


Online Training – Grainne Has A Natural And Gentle Touch

Even though it was an online training, which can be, to me, intimidating to actively participate and ask questions, I felt very comfortable to speak up and share thoughts. Grainne has a natural and gentle touch to conduct the training that surely favoured me to learn. Overall, I can say I have reached out my goal which was to learn and understand the fundamentals of tapping, being able to explain it to others and ultimately to benefit from it and help friends and family whose open to experience it.

Bruna Nishikava Mendes

Allergy Symptoms Gone!

Just a little update on my doggy sitting. She is still here.. Due home later today. I haven’t needed any antihistamines and have had absolutely no allergy symptoms. I am absolutely delighted! Thanks so much. Thanks for your insightful session on Saturday.     Attracta

Grainne’s Style Is Informative And Engaging

Grainne’s teaching style is informative and engaging and I really felt her energy was so positive and encouraging. The Zoom format allowed me to participate without having the stress of the logistics of having to travel to a venue. There course printouts and manual were really comprehensive and supportive, with excellent links to further reading and information.


Online EFT Training – I felt encouraged and confident

I highly recommend this online training with Grainne. It was informative and practical, and was facilitated in a very supportive way. Grainne welcomes curiosity and independent thinking while maintaining the highest of standards in both theory and practice. I finished each online session feeling encouraged and confident to tap on issues for myself and to share the techniques with friends and family. It was also really nice to connect with others starting out on their tapping journey.

Patricia G

A Special Lady With A Special Gift

“I recently took part in a series of online group tapping sessions with Grainne during lockdown. It was my first experience of EFT and I was very impressed. Grainne has a very gentle, unassuming approach. She guided the sessions in a genuinely caring and non judgemental way. She really wanted to help everyone. She chatted so naturally and she was sincere in her concern for our wellbeing. I definitely benefited from and really enjoyed these classes. I can highly recommend Grainne. She is a special lady with a special gift and she wants to share it.”  Deirdre

I recommend this to anyone struggling with repetitive patterns

EFT with Grainne is a powerful, transformational experience which helps you to understand the emotions driving your behaviour and to heal current and past trauma.  Grainne herself is a calm, supportive person guiding you through this process.  I recommend this to anyone struggling with repetitive patterns of emotion or behaviour.  Adrienne

I Overcame My Fear Of Driving On The Motorway

“I had stopped driving my car on the motorway more than ten years ago. I buried my fear so well I almost forgot about it, but it made me feel insecure and uncomfortable with myself. When I approached Grainne she was so calm and serene about it that I believed for the first time in my life that I could overcome it. I am free now and driving on the motorway again.  It has made me realise that I was missing myself more than I could say. Grainne saw it before I did and helped me through it. I am amazed at the power of EFT and to have met such a wonderful master”  Sara

A shift into ease and healing

I went to Grainne with some curiosity and a lot of frustration in being unable to move past feelings of ‘not being good enough’ and sometimes just a sadness.  Grainne’s acceptance, kindness and ability to bring about change were so healing.  I’ve been blown away by what EFT can do, the ease it can bring, and Grainne has been my way through all of that.

I’ve also had lovely energy healing sessions from Grainne, and again, she has brought about a shift into ease and healing.  She has helped beyond measure.


A supportive and a safe environment

I came across Grainne’s website by accident and was curious to try the tapping technique. I knew very little of tapping but i have to say I’m really glad I pursued the experience. During the pandemic it has been really something which I have enjoyed doing in a group format on zoom.  The group is supportive and a safe environment to discuss personal aspects one wishes to share on a weekly basis.

I have found the physical application of tapping provides a grounding feeling and overall a very positive experience.


Truly a therapist and spiritual teacher for these difficult times

I consider Grainne a gifted healer and have done enormously valuable one-to-one therapy with her over many years. She has a warm, natural, down-to-earth personality that puts people at ease immediately. I have also attended the EFT classes that Grainne teaches. She is a natural teacher and an extremely accomplished group facilitator.

Recently she has been generously volunteering her time and skills to a weekly class that enables participants to tap on Covid-related stress.  Grainne has, seemingly effortlessly, been able to transfer all her knowledge and experience to online work. Nothing fazes her. She copes as easily with the human dimension, with numbers sometimes in excess of 20 people, as with the technical issues that arise with Zoom.

Truly a therapist and spiritual teacher for these difficult times. Thank you, Grainne.


You gave a great service in a positive way to many

Grainne was so kind and generous with her time during the Covid 19 pandemic . Every Wednesday at 7 pm giving free EFT one hour sessions by Zoom .  I look forward to the group tapping which is led by Grainne in a caring and empathetic way .  I found it to be supportive and helpful to my wellbeing during a very unprecedented  time .   I now use the technique every time I feel negative emotions which helps ease and calm me . Thank you Grainne you gave a great service in a positive way to many .
Mary C .

Grainne’s knowledge, skill and compassion shone through.   

Grainne gave an EFT talk on zoom to our members.

In just one hour our members experienced the benefit of EFT and its positive effect on our energy. Grainne’s knowledge, skill and compassion shone through.


You’ve created such a lovely and safe virtual space

Grainne, I am very thankful for the weekly Covid Stress Release Class.  You’ve created such a lovely and safe virtual space where people want to go back to. As your student I admire how skillfully you pick on common threads in the group and guide individuals through their emotional journeys while allowing all the participants to immerse in this experience and resolve own issues. Practising EFT with this groups has allowed me to go through the pandemic with more calm, sense of connection and support.

For anyone interested in doing EFT I highly recommend Grainne’s craft, her gentle and thorough approach effective both face to face and online.

Emilia Marchelewska

You have nurtured us to become a very warm caring community

Thank you so much for giving your time, skill and patience for us every week on Wednesday. I look forward to it and you have nurtured us to become a very warm caring community. You are amazing Grainne! You have shown me how to transform my life.

You feel lighter and re-energised

Grainne is a very warm and interested practitioner. She listens to whatever issue is at hand with compassion and great empathy. After her EFT sessions you feel lighter and re-energised. I couldn’t recommend her enough. (Eoin, Kildare)

Wow, just wow.  I highly recommend it!

“I attended Grainne’s online tapping stress release weekly hour through zoom during the Covid- 19 lockdown.  I felt a shift during the workshop but it really wasn’t till the week after and I had time to reflect on what we had tapped for and how it had actually made a difference to me that I realized how effective it is. Wow, just wow.  I highly recommend it.” Nicola, Wexford

I feel more confident and resilient

I did several sessions with Gráinne and also studied Level 1 of the practitioner course. I found it transformational on a personal and professional level. It shifted some deep seated limiting beliefs and freed me up to feel more confident and resilient.

Bess McBride

She guided me out of a very difficult time in my life

It is hard to put into short words, what exactly is happening at the EFT sessions with Grainne…but it is sooo much healing!!!


2 years ago I had a fulminant liver failure due to autoimmune hepatitis. Besides a quite challenging childhood, I recognized, that I needed some support after these traumatic experiences. A friend of mine recommended me Grainne and her special technique, of which I have never heard before!
This was the best advice ever!!
With her warm, sensitive, caring and also funny personality and her professional technique and experience, she managed, to guide me out of a very very difficult time in my life more effectively, than the classical counselling/therapy I have to say!!!
With the tapping I was able to recognize stuck emotions in me, which I kept in my body, locked away for a long time. The tapping enabled me to release them and be more aware of my feelings and the reasons for them… and therefore able to let go!
After the sessions I always feel sooo much better, and lighter…. as if a big weight from my shoulders was taken away and I can finally breathe!! I managed to be back in my regular life…enjoy it and appreciate, what I have. And I am happy to know, that I can come to here in case of need, which makes me feel very very safe and secure after a troubled period!!!
I am very grateful, that I have met her!!! Grainne, you are a truly gifted practitioner/healer and I can only recommend you highly enough!! Thank you !!!

Wonderful Stress Release Group Sessions

Thanks Grainne for the wonderful stress release group sessions – highly beneficial, lovely group. I highly recommend people to join even if they haven’t used EFT Tapping before. Heidi Wells 😇

so helpful, calming and relaxing

Grainne has created a wonderful safe tapping community online. It is really helpful in these anxiety filled times to have this supportive group to gather with every week. We share and  tap together to release negative emotions and many of the same faces show up every week which is lovely. Everyone is finding it so helpful, calming and relaxing and I always get a great night’s sleep after it.

Grainne’s way of explaining the technique was very easy to understand

‘I listened to Grainne’s Webinar talk about EFT Tapping and even though I have read about EFT Tapping, I found Grainne’s way of explaining the technique and background, very easy to understand. As a result I’ve been tapping daily since the webinar and I feel I’ve learned so much more in how to explore the words I use whilst tapping, and how it relates to what my body is telling me. And it works. Thank you Grainne.’

Her warmth, compassion and sense of humour have really helped

I cannot recommend Grainne highly enough. She is highly skilled and professional facilitator, but it is her warmth, compassion and sense of humour that have really helped me on the online sessions. Grainne has the ability to create a very safe space which allows people to share what they are comfortable with, and with her finely tuned intuition she can quickly help her clients address the root of any issues arising.  I always finish the online sessions feeling so much happier and lighter. Thank you Grainne.
Patricia G

EFT Level 1 & 2 Training – ‘I am more than grateful..’

I see how the detail, the step by step approach and the grounding in the different techniques, which we received in our training, are all so essential to this work.

I am more than grateful that my training with Gráinne O Neill insists that I do monitored case studies as well as further ‘practice sessions’.  It impresses on me the importance of this work.

As a trainee, I greatly appreciate Gráinne’s availability and backup including the webinar follow up sessions she provides.  I also appreciate her very professional, authentic and responsible approach.

Clients can have deep old and very painful issues and if we practitioners are not competent to hold and support the space excellently we may be doing them and ourselves a great disservice.

I am very happy to have done Levels 1 and 2 with Gráinne and feel fully engaged and very pleased and satisfied to see ‘clients’ getting such immediate and hope giving benefit from their EFT work.

EFT – Change Your Money Story Course

I learnt a lot about how first experiences of me being around money had shaped my reactions to it now.’
‘I like Grainne’s way of working with anything that came up and she didn’t give up when it got difficult for people. I got phrases and homework and loads of tips to honor myself and my life.’
‘Nobody tells you how you should be around money this course will help you examine all your attitudes to it and more.  I feel so much more relaxed about my finances and have lost the fear I had before I attended.  Grainne is a brilliant facilitator and is very creative in how she works.

EFT Training

Highly supportive teacher! Very clear communicator and encouraging, putting everyone at ease in the room. The practical sessions were so well demonstrated, the physical shift during application of EFT was palpable. Thank you.

Jennifer Hartup

EFT Training – No Desire For Corn Chips!

Thank you ever so much for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the day! I found it really interesting and helpful…and I felt great afterwards, really inspired and rediscovered  more of my zest for life…which had been lacking a bit!
I thought the day went really well, and I liked the balance of information and tapping.
The movie technique is something I particularly enjoyed, I think that will be a great way to tackle things that seem a bit overwhelming.
I also haven’t had any desire for corn chips!!!!!!
So, thank you so much! It was such a pleasure and inspiration.
Loretta Plowman
Osteopath Australia

EFT Training – Massive Releases

After completing Level 1 I had a strong desire to take Level 2.

Level 2 was definitely more comprehensive – it built on information gathered from Level 1 & furthered the experience of starting to comprehend Level 2. It took us to an increased level of understanding with the potential to becoming qualified & practicing in the area of EFT.

I can say that I underwent massive releases that I never knew I’d kept buried deep inside.

All in all, I would like to congratulate Grainne for her sharing & teaching of her EFT skills. She is compassionate, intelligent, understanding, intuitive, patient & dignified. Her efficient follow-up to any course taken was fast & thorough. Grainne is a super person to call a Mentor. Thank you Grainne!

Fenella Martin

Chronic Anxiety & Pain

I had old emotional issues from childhood, which had resulted in chronic anxiety, neck pain and headaches.  I also began waking up with panic attacks at one point and by this time I was feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and also felt very helpless and frustrated.

Grainne is a very warm and caring person and with her guidance using EFT, I haven’t had any recurring night panic attacks and I have found that I have control back over my life instead of feeling helpless.  My neck pain is practically gone except for a few times which I can honestly say I created from hours of study and art without taking a break or checking my posture.


Low Self-Esteem & Lack of Self-Worth

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help & support over the past few months. When I first met you I was lacking in self confidence & self worth,mainly steming from childhood experiences. I suffered from anxiety and constantly felt panicked & unable to cope with ordinary everyday tasks.You were there to listen & always made me feel at ease.

I realise now I was blocking so much happiness because I felt I didn’t deserve it & I was not good enough. I never left my comfort zone as it made me feel vulnerable & unsafe. All this has changed, I am now more open to possibilities and because I have learned how to eliminate negative beliefs I am now attracting positive things in my life.

I found our sessions to be very beneficial and always left there feeling so calm & better able to face any obstacles that came my way, and as the weeks went by felt more in control of my life. I had always ignored my own needs but was there to help others. I have now become much more assertive saying no to others and yes to myself and am feeling so much happier.

I have just purchased my perfect home and life could not be better at the moment. I genuinely feel it would not have been possible without your help. You gave me the courage & self-belief to go for it & for this I am truely grateful. I am so excited about the future for the first time in ages.

I want to wish you every happiness for the future & I’m sure you will be there to offer your help and guidance to many more people in the years ahead.


EFT Training

Attending EFT Level 1 training with Gráinne surpassed all my expectations. Gráinne provided a great mix of theory and practice. I can’t believe how much we covered across both days. The learnings that happened on the course were really valuable and ready to use straight away in a simple and practical way through following the guidance that Gráinne had given us.

Gráinne’s teaching style is very inclusive, practical and gentle. I can’t recommend this course enough. It gets to the heart of managing emotions in a fast and effective way. I’ve learned great tools for myself and to use with family and friends.

The magic of EFT really made an impact.

Helen O'Flinn

EFT Training – Overcoming Fears

As an EFT trainer and person, you have great abilities, Grainne.  This training has definitely been a life-saver on many levels for me.  The way it was delivered meant a lot to me.  I have overcame fears, from the releasing on the day and since.  I am continuing to practice and use the tools I learned that day to improve my life.  Thank you so much.

Kathleen Johnson

EFT for Positivity

Grainne gently helped me find answers that I needed to improve my life in a secure, positive environment.  Working with her has definitely changed my life for the better.


Many Feathers In Her Cap!

Grainne’s soft voice relaxes you into the rhythm of EFT and her complete involvement helps you stay the course when at times, emotions, due to remembering, can run high and may also be painful.  Yet with the guidance of Grainne, the path to releasing those emotions is smoother than you can ever imagine.  
As a person I feel deeply connected to the spiritual and believe Grainne to be truly gifted in the practice of EFT and I would highly recommend sessions with her. In fact Grainne has many feathers in her cap and so sessions can be multi-dimensional as she works through your emotions.  You will walk and think more lightly and freely when you leave, for that I can vouch!

Help With Decision Making

I was frazzled about what career choice to make.  I seemed to be having some sort of quarter life crisis aged 26/27 and was toying with the idea of going back to college to retrain as I wasn’t happy in my chosen field.  I flitted from one job to another just to pay the bills and student loan, and was quite weighed down with the weight of the debt I had.
On the career front, working with Grainne gave me the courage to go back to college, and realise that everything is achievable in baby steps.  I was so lost and felt too old to retrain at the time before our work together.
I also had some major breakthroughs doing the money course with Grainne – I have since cleared my loans, gotten a new car for a bargain and was given a promotion in my work.
I’m working the field I retrained in and I’ve just been head-hunted for a new role with a nice pay rise. 

I never would have believed I’d get where I am if you’d asked me before I started to work with Grainne. Part of it has been building self-confidence and worth, and learning to trust my instincts, and use the EFT techniques when things get tough or wont shift.

I would call Grainne an instinctual healer, because depending on the situation, she will use many or all of her skills to suit it.  There isn’t only one way to mend something, and Grainne helps guide you to what works best for you.
Go and just try it once and you’ll be convinced.  Even if it’s just to talk and be in the presence of someone so calm, Grainne will change you.  If you want to change something, Grainne is the way. I can’t say simpler than that.
I’ve always enjoyed working with Grainne, even when tough stuff has come up, she has helped me be brave enough to face it head on.  Not only that, but she has helped me relax and take things a little less seriously, see the humour in the thread of life.  She makes what could be a trying and painful process full of ease and even pleasant.

Tapping to Give Up Smoking

I felt trapped in a cycle of self-loathing and addiction.  I would try another method of quitting smoking, struggle, put on weight, hate myself, fail, and start smoking again. This had been going on over 10 years, with every fail feeling more hopeless and increasing self-loathing. 
The biggest breakthrough was the smoking and weight issues.
I am happy to say I have never smoked a cigarette or have even wanted to in over 3 years!  That is the longest EVER! But although I have at times sought relief from a situation/ stress/ crisis I have been in, having a cigarette has never seemed an answer.
I am finally at a weight or rather a body image that I accept and dare I say, like. And this is even after having a baby!  I would never have become so evolved  if it wasn’t for EFT, and more so, Grainne’s guidance.  I use EFT on my own occasionally but when things get on top of me but I find a session with Grainne is far more powerful than anything I could do by myself. 
I do actually regularly talk about the power of EFT but more strongly about your talents! I tell them its 200 times faster and more powerful than just speaking with a counsellor (which I have also done) and helps release issues that hold you back in your life. I tell them about what a serious smoker/ insecure person i was and how your sessions transformed me.
Commit to one session and if you’re not totally blown away with the speed and shifts in how you live your life I will be completely surprised.
Anytime I feel life is getting hopeless I go see Grainne, even when I was becoming a mother for the first time and I was totally panicked about my abilities at being a good mom. 
Grainne does not just work with you doing EFT, she is a talented therapist and gifted human being who is able to take any issue and treat it with respect, sensitivity and extreme care. No story or hurt is too much for Grainne and she will guide with a gentle and supportive approach so that you feel completely safe and secure. 
You truly are gifted Grainne and I feel so grateful to have met you and worked with you!

EFT Training – A Wonderful, Enriching Experience

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of EFT for either personal or professional use. Grainne has a great approach to teaching using invaluable practical demonstrations which not only show you how to do EFT but more importantly how to provide a safe, trusting and caring environment for your client.

The course is broken down well with a great mix of practise sessions (both watching Grainne work with a student and the opportunity for the students to work with each other) videos, discussion and theory work. Grainne’s passion for EFT is evident and her warmth and commitment to us her students made the course experience that much richer.

The course is a wonderful, enriching experience and I’m very much looking forward to attending the Level 2 in 2016.

Rachel McAteer

EFT For Anxiety

I was feeling extremely anxious, unable to be in the city or anywhere that large crowds gathered. I had irritable bowel symptoms.  I wanted to be better able to cope and to enjoy life again.
Now, I have a greater sense of well-being and lightness and considerably less anxiety. My confidence has returned.  I am very, very pleased to be as well as I am now. I had lunch with a friend in a busy city-centre restaurant recently.
I experience you as warm, gentle, lively, interesting and good humoured.  You present as a clear thinker, articulate and obviously knowledgeable, not just about EFT and the therapies that you use, but also about other therapeutic practices.
You model a lovely warm self-confidence and sense of well-being that is infectious.  Your empathy is palpable and yet you are practical and make it clear that we have work to do and objectives to meet.
Do seek an appointment with Grainne. You won’t be disappointed because I reckon that, therapies aside, she is above all, a true healer. Grainne’s presence is healing.

I Now Have A New Lease of Life – Catherine

I speak highly of you all the time.  My session with you was so amazing and empowering, that I now have a new lease of life.

Of all the money that I have spent on myself over the years trying to make myself feel better about me, I have to say that you top them all.  I felt such a sense of relief from the emotional pain that I carried for so many years that I truly was convinced that it had become a part of who I am, and that I had to carry this with me for the rest of my life,which was I have to say quite daunting for me.

But you, not only cleared this pathway for me, but gave me the tools so as I can carry on the good work on healing myself.  For this I am truly grateful every day.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Peace always.


A Powerful Tapping Master And A Magnificent Healer

Grainne is a powerful Tapping Master and magnificent healer. I worked with her several times and every time she was right to the point and could help me shift tremendously.

If you want to get rid of those nasty limiting beliefs that have kept you from shining your light I can highly recommend working with her. Even if you worked with her in the past, book another session as she will peel back the next layer.

Grainne works on a very deep level, which is why she really gets results. I am deeply grateful to have her on my side to support me. 

K. Beate Richter
Confidence Coach