EFT Training

Learn how to use EFT to benefit you & your family or to become an EFT practitioner.


Are you interested in truly making a difference in the work that you do with your clients?


Do you want the benefit of a structured and supervised training programme that gives you a top qualification and skills?


Do you want a qualification from the top EFT training authority?

If yes, is your answer to any of these questions, then this is the training for you.  I love offering running EFT Trainings and showing how others how to really get the best from this technique.

I trained with Michelle Hardwick, who personally trained with Gary Craig, founder of EFT.  My training is the only AAMET accredited EFT training in here in Ireland.

Practitioners who have trained with AAMET, have been approved by the US Military to work with veterans suffering from PTSD.

Accredited Professional Training


The purpose of the AAMET Level 1 training is to provide a very solid grounding in EFT (I will insert a hyperlink later to a ‘what is eft’ page when I have updated it) for those who want to use for themselves, friends and family to manage their stress and anxiety.  Also, if you want to practice EFT, it is the first step towards becoming a practitioner.

For those who want to go on and be a practitioner or to deepen their knowledge about EFT, the Level 2 training and accreditation system gives them the skills to become fully qualified, highly skilled and professional practitioners who have gone through a managed, supervised process.

Practitioners who have trained with AAMET, have been approved by the US Military to work with veterans suffering from PTSD.

This means, that this AAMET training and accreditation process is head and shoulders above all of the other EFT trainings available.

Supported & Supervised Training

You are fully supported throughout the training course (Levels 1 & 2), with ongoing supervision, support with your peers through webinars and mentoring days.  At the end of the process you will have the tools, knowledge, experience and support procedures in place to be an excellent practitioner, making changes with clients at a very deep level.

With these enhanced skills, the work that you will do will be truly life changing for you and your clients.

‘As a trainee, I greatly appreciate Gráinne’s availability and backup including the webinar follow up sessions she provides.  I also appreciate her very professional, authentic and responsible approach.’                                                                         Jean Finn

As EFT becoming more well-known and accepted, and with AAMET’s work to promote EFT, it is hoped that in time, EFT will be approved as a more mainstream therapy (it is already being used in parts of the NHS in the UK).  Please see link here for more details: NHS Using EFT

In the US, EFT has been approved by the Veterans Administration as a treatment for those suffering from PTSD:

EFT Approved Treatment For Veterans In US

The approval for veterans is for those who have trained with AAMET and EFT Universe.

For those who have gone through AAMET’s high standard of training, you will be in a better position to avail of whatever opportunities present themselves to you.

Choose Your Training Level

EFT Level 1 Training

Attending EFT training Level 1 will give you the skills and knowledge to help you manage stress and also to work with friends and family.  It’s designed for you if you would like to use EFT for yourself and also if you want to take the first step towards becoming a practitioner.

This is a very practical course that embeds the principles of EFT and I went home confident that I could tap effectively both for myself and others and curious to learn more.  Grainne has a lovely manner and clearly has a thorough understanding of EFT and an abundance of practical experience.  Her warm and common sense approach made this course a pleasure to attend and most useful in gaining a grounding in EFT.                                                                                                                                                           OM

  • Comprehensive introductory course
  • Suitable to all skill levels
  • First step to becoming a practitioner
  • Learn to tap for yourself & your family
  • Working with physical symptoms
  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • Certificate of attendance on completion
Attending EFT Level 1 training with Gráinne surpassed all my expectations.  Gráinne provided a great mix of theory and practice.  I can’t believe how much we covered across both days.  The learnings that happened on the course were really valuable and ready to use straight away in a simple and practical way through following the guidance that Gráinne had given us.
Helen O'Flinn, EFT Practitioner

EFT Level 2 Training

This AAMET accredited training is the top EFT Training for those who really want to learn how to work with this amazing technique.  Level 2 training takes place over 3 days.  You will really hone and improve your technique and learn additional tools for dealing with stress, trauma and negative beliefs.

  • AAMET Accredited
  • Deepen your practice
  • Additional tools for dealing with trauma
  • Advanced techniques for working with physical symptoms and ailments
  • Supervised & mentored follow-up
  • Become an EFT practitioner
  • Gain full set of EFT skills
I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of EFT for either personal or professional use. Grainne has a great approach to teaching using invaluable practical demonstrations which not only show you how to do EFT but more importantly how to provide a safe, trusting and caring environment for your client.

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