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Originally from a corporate background, I decided to move a new direction after becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue.

Conventional medicine was unable to help me so I had to look at alternative therapies for a solution.  My journey led me to Tapping/EFT, it really helped me to change the way I thought about myself, which is why I love using it for myself and with others.

EFT Tapping

With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or EFT tapping as it is commonly referred to, you tap on specific points (see diagram below) while focussing on the emotion and thinking about the issue you want resolved. The points that are tapped on are acupuncture meridian points, which have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. So, tapping is a combination of eastern medicine and western psychology.


You can meditate anywhere at any time.  Some people can click straight into a meditative state, while others find it easier if they are in a certain space, at a certain time, with certain things around them (candles, essential oils etc).  A meditation can last just a couple of moments – taking a breath or even washing your hands mindfully can be a meditation.

Energy Healing

In addition to doing tapping with clients, I also offer energy healing.  We are more than just a physical body. We are made up of energy, and sometimes this energy can get out of sync due to stress, busyness, trauma etc.  When I am doing a healing, I am working to provide healing, balance your energy and channel whatever it is that you need at the time.  Someone described a healer as someone who acts as a gentle set of jump leads and that the energy is then drawn to where it is needed.

“Go and just try it once and you’ll be convinced.  Even if it’s just to talk and be in the presence of someone so calm, Grainne will change you.  If you want to change something, Grainne is the way. I can’t say simpler than that.”

Patricia, Dublin

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