Energy Healing

It is not just your physical self that needs care

In addition to doing tapping with clients, I also offer energy healing.

We are more than just a physical body. We are made up of energy, and sometimes this energy can get out of sync due to stress, busyness, trauma etc.

When I am doing a healing, I am working to provide healing, balance your energy and channel whatever it is that you need at the time.

Someone described a healer as someone who acts as a gentle set of jump leads and that the energy is then drawn to where it is needed. I think that it is a really good way of describing it – I am a conduit for whatever healing you need.

I work with the Violet Flame and Rahanni Energy.

About The Violet Flame

A number of years ago, I came across the Violet Flame through the work of Patricia Cota Robles. Robles had a series of videos on her website and when I watched them, it was as if the Violet Flame and everything that she talked about was something that I had known about a very long time ago but had somehow forgotten.

I then started to use the Violet Flame for myself first during meditation and then for healing, and I found that it was extremely powerful.

For me, the Violet Flame is about transforming whatever negative thoughts, emotions or feelings you are holding and transmuting them back into their original state and nature which is love.

How the Violet Flame does this is by changing the vibration of whatever you are working on from its lower vibration to a higher vibration, thus transforming and transmuting it. So, it’s not about zapping and getting rid of something, but changing at a deep vibrational level.

Gifted to us by St Germain, the Violet Flame is available to everyone, and the more you tune into and use its energy, the stronger it becomes for you.

What is Rahanni?

I was introduced to Rahanni Healing a few years ago by a beautiful friend and healer, Tricia Lane , and have incorporated it into my healing work with the Violet Flame ever since.

I have found Rahanni to be a very gentle, soft energy.

‘Rahanni’ means, ‘of one heart’, and that there is no separation.  We are from and are one divine energy source.

Since I have started working with it, it has raised my healing to another level, and brings in more information to the healing. Often, I become aware of whatever it is that needs to be worked on, and when it changes.

I find that the healings I offer work best when you have cleared some of the stress first so you are more open to receive the healing.

So, sometimes after doing a couple of EFT sessions, I will introduce some healing as well or I combine the sessions.

Everyone is different so there is no set path to how I work with someone.

People usually say that they feel an experience a feeling of deep relaxation and peace after a healing session. Every person has a different experience of a healing session with me and each session will be different.

I also offer distance healing and have done this for animals as well as humans!

Can Energy Healing help you?

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