EFT and cancer treatment can work very well together.  I have done a lot of work with people who are suffering from cancer.  The areas I have worked with are:

Pain Management:

Certain aspects of cancer treatment can cause physical discomfort and pain.  Usually, the pain is worse when patients have had a negative experience around their treatment so tapping can help to release the negative emotion around this, and also reduce the pain.

EFT and Cancer: Releasing Negative Emotions About Their Diagnosis

First there is the shock and trauma at being diagnosed with cancer, and sometimes people need help processing this.  But then there may be the fear of the cancer re-occurring, anger at getting cancer in the first place, guilt at putting their family through worry etc.  There are so many emotions that may come up.

What I always say to clients is that rather than using your energy on feeling anger, sadness, guilt etc, isn’t it better to release this so you can use this energy for your body to help to heal itself?

Childhood Trauma:

Sometimes a diagnosis like cancer can bring up emotions about events that happened to us a long time ago.  Tapping is a great way of releasing this emotion.

Post-Cancer Treatment:

I have also worked with people who have completed their treatment successfully.  However, once they were diagnosed they were immediately on the treadmill of treatment, medication, consultations etc, and it is only after they completed their treatment that different emotions came up, which they needed to process.

Energy Healing:

There have been times when clients have come to me and they are so exhausted by their treatment and medication, that they don’t want to talk.  In this case, I may do some energy healing with them.  The client just lies on a plinth and using Rahanni and the Violet Flame, help them to achieve a highly relaxed state.

Every client is different, and so I work with whatever emotion or issue the client brings with them.

Please note that this is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can help you manage your diagnosis.

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