I recently attended a Joe Dispenza Progressive Retreat in Paris.  And I can confirm, there is no show like the Joe Show!

Lots of people were interested in this, so I thought I would write down a few thoughts and learnings that I got from the weekend.

First of all, it is such a wonderful feeling to take yourself out of your regular space and doing / going somewhere different.

Being in an unfamiliar environment, experiencing new things, already starts the process of firing new neural networks – and that’s even before I got to the retreat!

These are some of my takeaways from the weekend.

Our feelings and emotions are stored in the body.  And if we keep on doing the same thing every day, thinking the same thoughts, we will keep eliciting the same, familiar emotions.

As Dispenza says, nerve cells that fire together, wire together.

And when we keep living in the past, this will prevent us from changing our future.

Think about it, if you wake up, and throughout the day, you do everything that you normally do, have the same thoughts and feelings, hook into those old stories with the same emotions – it is likely that you will keep living in those old feelings, and may not even have the space to think about having any new beliefs, thoughts or possibilities.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – which may or may not have been said by Einstein.  But it makes sense.

If we want to create a new future, and break free from our unconscious limiting programs, we must become the observer of our thoughts.  Once we have an awareness of these programs, we need to release them, or as he calls it, ‘pulling the mind out of the body’.

The next stage is to practice bringing yourself to the sweet spot, which Dispenza calls ‘The Generous Present Moment’; calming those brain waves, and getting yourself into a relaxed state.

Once you get your brain into a relaxed state, free of emotion, then you can start to open up to new positive emotions and possibilities.

What we do is we visualise the future that we want, and connect to it now, as if it has already happened.  The key thing is to imagine that you have it now, and keep thanking the universe, God, the quantum field, whatever you want to call it, for having the future you want as if you have it now.

When we keep doing this, we are signalling our genes in new ways.

And it is all about practice, practice, practice.

So where does tapping fit into all of this?
Online EFT Level 1 Training

Tapping works on neutralising the emotions and calming the brain.

It also helps us to release emotions at a physical and at an energetic level (pulling the mind out of the body).

Many of the clients who come to me have been around the block a few times.

What I mean by this is that they have done all the talking and understand why they are the way they are, but they are still not feeling any better.

After working with me, they are no longer triggered by the same things, they have different beliefs about themselves and guess what?  They start to attract what they want into their life.

Someone said to me that I was being a bit too woo woo with this, so here is another way of explaining it.

Say you think that you are never going to progress in your career (I’m not good enough etc).  Then a job comes up and your first thought is, ‘well they’re never going to give that to me’.

This could mean that you don’t even bother applying for it, or you write a half-hearted cv and cover letter.

Now, imagine that you have changed your belief and you think – they’d be sooo lucky to have me!  Think of how different your cv will be now, highlighting how amazing and fantabulous you are – and when you get into an interview, you will be going into a completely different energy.  You will kick some ass!

The point is, if you are congruent with your belief about your ability to get the job, you are much more likely to take the steps to write that kick-ass cv, and do a kick-ass interview, and create the future you want.

So, I think that for some people, they can move beyond their past and create a new future, doing just as Dispenza says.

For others with maybe more entrenched patterns, traumas, beliefs and thoughts, tapping can really be transformational and lead them to have a different future.

Here is what one of my clients had to say:

I went to Grainne with some curiosity and a lot of frustration in being unable to move past feelings of ‘not being good enough’ and sometimes just a sadness.

Grainne’s acceptance, kindness and ability to bring about change were so healing.  I’ve been blown away by what EFT can do, the ease it can bring, and Grainne has been my way through all of that.

If you would like to find out more about how I can work with you and help you to shift those beliefs, and move towards the future that you want, please on info@grainnemoneill.com , and let’s chat!


My First Live Event Of 2023 – Heart Centred Tapping Day – Saturday 1st April

I am really excited about my Heart Centred Tapping Day taking place on Saturday 1st April.

This day is for anyone who feels that there is something preventing them from being fully heart centred, stopping them from coming from a place of love or for anyone who would like to open up their heart centre.

The day will consist of meditations, tapping and healing – and wherever spirit guides us.

To find out more details and to book your place, please click on the link below:

Booking For Heart Centred Tapping Day

Sending hugs to you!


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