I was listening to a woman being interviewed on the radio recently.

This woman had been through a lot of challenges in her working life: setting up and losing all of her (uninsured) business equipment in a fire and having to find the wherewithal to start again.

The interviewer said to her, you must be very optimistic and she gave the most amazing answer.

She said that every day is either a great day, or a great day to learn.

I have to say that I was really struck by her answer and her amazingly positive and philosophical attitude.

And I was wondering, if, when I am having a bad day, could I step back from it and say this is a great day to learn something?

But sometimes a bad day (or bad time?), is just that.

There is no shame in just allowing ourselves to feel this – give space to all of our emotions.  Meet ourselves with kindness and compassion and allow ourselves to feel the emotions fully.

When we do this, the feelings don’t get stuck and we can move through it.

The problems arise when we try to squash emotions down and pretend that they’re not there.

If you are in this situation where things are really bad, it can be helpful to talk to someone or even go for a walk if you can – just try to move the energy a bit.

And of course, tapping is very useful.  Tapping helps us to process our emotions more quickly so that they don’t get entrenched and we end up feeling worse.

In doing something like this, we may be able to move the day from being the WORST DAY EVER  to something like, I can see a glimmer of something good in the day.

If there is learning to be had, if you are anything like me, it is very often after the event that it dawns on me – ah, that’s what I needed to learn from that situation.

So, be kind and patient with yourself.  You deserve the best.

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