I had a complicated situation to deal with recently.  It got sorted but in the aftermath, I had been thinking that of all the things that I ‘should’ do.

And in doing this, I had created a lot of stress and anxiety for myself.  My heart was really weighed down at the thoughts of all the ‘shoulds’.

I was speaking to one of my mentors about this, and for each thing that I was thinking of doing, she asked me a very simple question: ‘will you feel better or worse having done this?’

With tapping EFT, you can reduce your stress
In each part of the scenario, I definitely would have felt worse.  The question had been put so simply to me, it made the answer so obvious to me.

Sometimes I have a bit too much empathy for people and I can take on responsibility for things that really are not mine to own.

This line of thinking in terms of being better or worse, really simplified things for me.  And it was such a relief for me to realise that I really didn’t need to do anything further.

We may not always have control over everything that we do, but we can create a lot of stress  and anxiety for ourselves.  And very often we do this through our thoughts and all of the ‘shoulds’.

Ask yourself, is this going to make you feel better or worse and then make your decision accordingly.  It’s really that simple.

It is all about taking care of ourselves and not creating any more stress than there needs to be.

Getting Out and About

Last month, I took part at the Health and Harmony Fair in Smithfield.

Here’s me tapping with one of the people that I met:

Grainne Tapping At Health And Harmony

I had my stand there and also got to give a talk on using tapping for inner peace.

It was great to get chatting to so many people, as I hadn’t done a talk or event like this in a long while.

So, here I am, asking you a favour.

Do you know of any group of people (either work, a social group or just a group of friends), who would be interested in hearing me give a talk on tapping either in relation to releasing stress or other things?

Tapping works really well with groups and I would love to get out and about to meet more people.

So, if you think that you or a group of you would be interested, please either give me a call on 087 629 7207 or contact me via email on info@grainnemoneill.com.

Would love to hear from you!

EFT Level 1 Training Taking Bookings For February 2020

My last EFT Level 1 training in September was full, with a waiting list of people wanting to join.

The next Level 1 training is scheduled for 1 & 2 February 2020.  Full details can be found by clicking on the link below:

February 2020 EFT Level 1 Training

It is already half full, so if you are interested in joining us, please let me know.



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