Raising Your Vibration

It’s the new year and Christmas now feels like a distant memory.

There is always a lot of pressure at this time of the year about being a new you, which I always find a bit annoying – I mean, what’s wrong with the old me??

With the colder weather here in this part of the world, I think what we really need is something to lift our mood and make us feel better.

Some people refer to it as raising your vibration, but what does that really mean?

You can get all technical and talk about your molecules vibrating at a higher/faster rate.  Or we can put it really simply… what makes you feel better.

I’m sure you know that when you are fed up, everything takes more effort – you go a little bit more slowly, feel sluggish and just feel a bit … meh.

When we are feeling good about everything, we have a bit of a spring in our step.  It’s much easier to get things done and you feel more positive about everything.

So, here are my top tips to raise your vibration or just to make you feel better.  Sometimes we need to fake it until we make it.


‘Well she would say that’ I’m sure that you are saying.

But it’s true, if you find yourself in bit of a negative funk, a couple of minutes tapping can change your energy.

Getting to the root of it can take a bit longer, but if you want a quick shift in your energy, a couple of minutes tapping can be just what you need.

I’m going to be running a free online tapping event to raise your energy on 20 February.  If you’d like to join us, sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dO0sc1

Be aware of who drains your energy

We all know some energy hoovers – people who just seem to suck the energy out of you and you just feel completely knackered after talking to them for a couple of minutes.

I know when I had chronic fatigue many years ago, I became acutely aware of how exhausted I felt after talking to certain people.  Also, I hadn’t realised that I am actually an introvert and that being around people a lot is really tiring for me.

The reality is that you can’t shut yourself away from everyone.

What you can do is either limit the time you spend with certain people or, see them with other people (it spreads the energy so to speak and isn’t as intense).

And if you are an introvert like me, build in some alone time for yourself.

What/where drains your energy

My other half LOVES going to Powercity.

I really don’t get it but for me, whenever I do need to go, I can literally feel the energy draining away from me as I drive into the car park.  So, I avoid it as much as possible.

On the other hand, going to Avoca always cheers me up.

It’s the same with a Tesco near me.  There is one particular branch that just feels so soulless, and I always come out with a heavy heart.  Their other branches are fine, but whatever they have going on with that branch, I really don’t like it – I’m not the only one who says this.

So be aware if there are places that really make your heart sink – avoid them if you can or limit your time in them.

Colour – what you wear

If I’m feeling a bit flat, or even if I’m not, I do find that wearing a bit of colour really gives me a lift.

Marie Kondo, who is all the rage now, talks about what brings you joy.

I recently bought a raspberry pink jacket and an orange scarf and wearing the bright clash of colours definitely makes me feel better.

And you don’t have to go as bright as me – it could be a bit of jewellery, a scarf, perfume – whatever it is that lifts your hears.

Be mindful about the information you ingest

There is so much information around now and especially with your phone, there are all these enticing headlines – clickbait – to get you to read these stories.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you bury your head in the sand and ignore everything that is happening in the world, but do you have to read EVERYTHING about Donald Trump, Brexit, the latest grizzly crime etc…

The same is true of tv programmes.  For me, programmes like Jeremy Kyle or Jerry Springer – even just seeing them as I flick through the channels makes me feel unclean – so I steer well clear of them.

On the other hand, something like Say Yes To The Dress is always a delight.

Again, going back to the time when I had chronic fatigue (and long before the internet and social media took off), I remember that I found that I always felt so much better after reading Maeve Binchy.  The goodie always won out in the end – what’s not to like??

So, do a quick check with yourself – does it make me feel better or worse reading/watching this?

Gratitude – What are you grateful for?

For over 20 years now, every night before I go to sleep, I list 10 things that I am grateful for.

I always start with the hubby, followed by the cat (as I live with both of them), then do a general sweep of things such as our house, location, food, water, public transport – I count all of these as one thing.

Then I work my way backwards throughout the day and list the things that happened that I am grateful for.

They don’t have to be big things – it could be something as simple as getting a good parking space.

Finally, I finish by saying, ‘thank you for the lessons that I have learnt and thank you for the lessons that I have yet to learn’.

In all the years, there was only one time when I couldn’t think of anything that happened that day that I was grateful for.  I really was having a bad day that day.

But the following day, I was able to find things that I was grateful for.

Move towards joy

Marianne Williamson puts it another way.  She says are you going towards fear or are you going towards love?

So are you doing things because you are afraid that if you don’t do it something bad will happen (and it’s usually something that we don’t want to do) or are we going towards love (if we really loved ourselves, what would we do?).

Of course in real life, there are loads of yucky things that we have to do but we do need to have enough in our life that brings us joy.  So, the joy level has to be higher than the yuck level.

If we don’t do that, our batteries will run flat we’ll be of no use to anyone.

A couple of years ago, I went to see Mike Dooley giving a talk.  He was talking about taking steps towards where you want to be and he said that sometimes there isn’t a best choice – the only option that you have is what is the least worst choice.

And I have to say, I found that so useful and have used it myself.  By making the least worst choice, you will be inching your way to where you want to be.

So we all need a leg up from time to time and I hope that some of my tips have helped you.

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