I was delighted to be asked to present a 6 weeks series for the Postively The Gloss online, and to host an event for them.

Over the 6 weeks, I produced articles on wellness, coping with anxiety and keeping things on an even keel.

In addition to talking about tapping (a favourite topic of mine!), I also spoke about wellness in general, giving tips and techniques for raising your vibration and helping you to feel better.

We also held an event where the group tapped together – it was a lot of fun!

Please see all of the articles below which I hope you will enjoy and help to get you through this difficult time which we are all facing.

Week 1:

Staying on an even keel


Week 2:

Bad Hair Days Extended For Two More Months


Week 3:

Pay Attention To What Your Mind Consumes


Week 4:

Give Yourself Space To Process


Week 5:

Leaning Back Into Ourselves


Week 6:

Top 10 Tips For Good Mental Hygiene


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