I was in the process of doing something that would be a pretty large investment for me and my business, and I was soooo excited about it.

And I messaged someone who had been interested in investing in the same thing.  In fact, she was the one who planted the seed!

Now, her message back to me was pretty neutral ‘Unfortuately, I don’t have the finances right now’.

That’s a pretty normal response but it set off a WHOLE big fear response in me around money.  My heart started racing, my stomach was tight and I could feel this panic rising in me.

Lots of fear and terror came up.  What if I’m making a mistake?  What if this is money down the drain?  What if , what if, what if…?

It was uncanny, how quickly I went from being really excited to being really terrified.

And fear is such a strong emotion.

What the h*** was going on?!

Look, I know that living in Ireland, I come from a place of privilege compared to many people in the world.

However, I came from an average family, and grew up in a household, like lots of people at that time, where money was always scarce.

There was this huge awareness around not having money; always having to count; and knowing that any time you were given anything, finding the money for it didn’t come easily.

This made it difficult to receive because it somehow was accompanied by a feeling of guilt.  On the one hand you were being given but maybe it meant that someone else had to do without something else.

So, money was a hugely complicated subject for me.

And from time to time, I get triggered.

But because of the work I have done on myself around money over the years, I am able to bring myself back from the edge of the cliff quite quickly.

After my panic and starting to doubt myself, I did some tapping.

I tapped on all of the doomsday scenarios and why it is such a terrible idea, and came out the other side to a place of calmness and centred thinking.

What was going on in my brain?

When we are experiencing a negative emotion, the blood goes from the part of the brain where ration and reasoning operates from, and goes straight to the amygdala, signalling the stress response.  We are sensing DANGER everywhere now!!

When we tap, it sends a calming signal to the amygdala, switching off the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.  It also sends the blood back to the part of the brain where ration and reasoning operates: the neocortex.

So within 20 minutes of tapping, my mindset had completely shifted.  I brought myself back to a calm state of being, and to a much more rational way of thinking.

Now, I am going ahead with the investment and I’m now sooo excited about what it could lead to!

With all of this money stuff in mind, I will be running another Change Your Money Story course again.

If you would like to go on my waitlist for this, please let me know and I wil let you know when registration opens.

For details of all upcoming events, please click on this link: https://grainnemoneill.com/training-events/

Btw, if there is an event around a specific topic that you would like me to run, please let me know!


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