EFT Training Level 1

I had a full house in my last EFT Training Level 1 in September and had a great group of people.

Here is what some of the latest attendees had to say about the course:

I learnt that you don’t need to be scared of emotion – just because something has felt one way, you can change/de-intensify it.

I enjoyed learning  the way of by passing the conscious mind and the realm of possibility & freedom that tapping opens up.

I particularly liked how grounded and aware of all the emotions in the room Grainne was.  Inspiring, releasing, uplifting & satisfyingly tiring!

What I always love about the training is to see attendees really ‘get it’ and to gel together so well as a group.

I had a number of enquiries  after the course had filled up so I am running another EFT Level 1 course again on 16 & 17 May 2019.

On the course, not only will I be teaching you some amazing new techniques, you will also have practical steps and tools to start working with straight away.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of EFT for either personal or professional use. Grainne has a great approach to teaching using invaluable practical demonstrations which not only show you how to do EFT but more importantly how to provide a safe, trusting and caring environment for your client.

Tapping on acupuncture points to release stress

Learn to manage your stress with EFT Tapping Training

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone who has stress in their life and wants to better manage it.  Also, for anyone who wants to take the first step in becoming an EFT Practitioner, this is the course for you.

What do I get at the end of the course?

At the end of the training, you receive a certificate of attendance.

After 2 days training, you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to use EFT tapping for yourself and your family.

For anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of EFT or become an accredited practitioner, they can continue on to Level 2.

As an EFT trainer and person, you have great abilities, Grainne.  This training has definitely been a life-saver on many levels for me.  The way it was delivered meant a lot to me.  I have overcome fears, from the releasing on the day and since.  I am continuing to practice and use the tools I learned that day to improve my life.  Thank you so much.

So what actually happens on the course?

The course is a very practical course.  We will cover some theory so you understand the thinking behind the technique and very quickly, we dive in to do practical work.

On the first day, you will be tapping with a partner and working on real issues!  This will help to build your confidence so that when you leave the training, you will have the skills and confidence to use tapping for yourself and your family.

I regularly have people who say to me before the course that they have done a lot of tapping from videos online and they say that they probably could go straight on to Level 2.

Without exception, all of these people say to me after the course that they learnt so much, improved their technique and are getting much better results.

The course is broken down well with a great mix of practise sessions (both watching Grainne work with a student and the opportunity for the students to work with each other) videos, discussion and theory work. Grainne’s passion for EFT is evident and her warmth and commitment to us her students made the course experience that much richer.

What is the content of the course?

We cover the basic tapping points, as well as the more detailed points that you can use with stubborn or more deeply held issues.

You will also learn how to break down each problem into different parts so you can get to the root and really clear the issues for good.

We will also cover the following:

  • How to select the problems to tap on
  • Psychological Reversal i.e. what may be preventing EFT tapping from working
  • Aspects of a problem
  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • EFT for physical issues and pain relief
  • EFT for cravings
  • Troubleshooting EFT – when results aren’t happening – additional techniques that you can use

To read more about the training, please click on the following link: http://bit.ly/febtapping

Do I need to have experience in a related area to do this training?

Not necessarily.

On each course, there is always a mix of people who are lay people, interested in doing the course for themselves, professionals such as coaches, counsellors, reflexologists etc and as well as people who are for some reason drawn to do the course.

Having a mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds really adds to the course as everyone brings a different perspective.

I break the content down in a step by step manner to make it easy for you to understand and grasp the techniques.

Attending EFT Level 1 training with Gráinne surpassed all my expectations. Gráinne provided a great mix of theory and practice. I can’t believe how much we covered across both days. The learnings that happened on the course were really valuable and ready to use straight away in a simple and practical way through following the guidance that Gráinne had given us.

Early Bird Discount Available

The full price of the course is €345.  I am offering you an early bird discount of €50, for payment received by 10th January 2019.

Included in the price are a list of videos, EFT Level 1 Manual, all of the exercises and notes from the course.

There is also a follow up webinar after the course included in the price where you can ask any questions that you may have.

To join the course and get your €50 early bird discount, please click on the following link: http://bit.ly/febtapping

Gráinne’s teaching style is very inclusive, practical and gentle. I can’t recommend this course enough. It gets to the heart of managing emotions in a fast and effective way. I’ve learned great tools for myself and to use with family and friends.

The magic of EFT really made an impact.

And finally, you can’t always get the sense of the person from an email, so if you want to see what I am like, please watch my video below:

Grainne’s Video On EFT Level 1

If you have any more questions or if you would like to have a chat about whether or not EFT tapping is for you, please feel free to give me a call on 087 629 7207 or email info@grainnemoneill.com

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