Everywhere you look, there is stress about Brexit.

You can’t get away from it; it’s there in your face.  There are posts on Facebook, the media is all over it.  The world as we know it is going to end…… and so on.  The negative press and attention is just relentless.

And who knows what the effect of Brexit is going to be?  I certainly can’t say for sure.  But it has definitely brought up a lot of emotions.

Shock, fear, anger…. just to name a few.

And feeling a lot of emotion around Brexit is normal.  But when it starts to become overwhelming, has us feeling anxious, worried, stopping us from sleeping or making decisions based on fear or anger, well then there may be a problem.

The reality is that there are always going to be things happening in the world.  Stockmarkets rising and falling, international incidents, things happening within our own family.  Things are changing all the time, and will continue to do so.

And if we are looking at things outside of us to make us feel safe and secure, well that’s not going to last very long.  People are unpredictable (Brexit being a case in point), things change all the time, and stuff just happens.

In order to feel stronger, safer and more secure, we need to access the resources inside of us, which make us safe and secure.

The Buddha talks about being strong like a mountain – and what he means is that rather than being a sponge for everything that is happening outside us, being strong in ourselves so that things can bounce off us more easily.

Now, we are all human, so we are not going to be impervious to every thing that happens, but surely it’s better to be a little bit more resilient to all of the flim flam that’s going on outside of us.

And as always, we need to be mindful of where we focus our attention.

Donald Trump is a case in point.  I choose not to read, listen or watch anything in relation to him.  I don’t like or comment or share anything in relation to him on Facebook as it just gives him more oxygen to breathe.  He has got so much free publicity already and I am certainly not going to add to it!

Likewise, with all of the fear-mongering going on (and yes the facts will speak for themselves), but do we need to send everyone into a tailspin with Brexit?  So maybe you could decide where you focus your attention.

Do you want to stoke up more fear?  More anger?  Or do you want to focus on some of the more positive things that are happening in the world?

I think it is important to focus on the things that make us feel better, make us feel joy, and help us to be the best version of ourselves.

How To Reduce The Stress Around Brexit:

Tap Your Brexit Stress Away

Tap Your Brexit Stress Away

One way of reducing your stress around Brexit is using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or tapping as it is usually referred to. With EFT Tapping, you tap on acupressure points around the body as a way of releasing stress and anxiety.

Attached here is an audio using EFT/Tapping which you can tap along to if you are feeling stressed about Brexit, to take away some of the emotional charge that you are feeling.  (Note: it takes a few minutes to load so please bear with it!)

The diagram of tapping points will show you where to tap.

So, if you are feeling stressed about Brexit or anything else, and are looking for something to find your way out of it, please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation, to see what EFT tapping can do for you.

You can contact me on 087 629 7207 or info@grainnemoneill.com.




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