I was in the car with my swimming buddy and she said to me ‘Grainne, you are due a blog update’, and how right she was.

With Covid and all of that palaver, I somehow got out of the swing of writing.  And then you know, the longer you leave things, the harder it is to get back.

So, big deep breath, here it goes……!!!

A Year Of Being Heart Centred 

At the start of the year, I was reading all of these articles and posts about new year goals, what people wanted to achieve etc.

There was lots of talk about SMART goals i.e. goals that were measurable etc, all the steps that you need to take etc.

After a conversation with someone, they said, ‘I’m still not sure what your goals are for 2023!’  Me neither!

To be honest, I just found the whole thing exhausting and deflating.  Rather than making me feel energised, this whole goal business was starting to make me feel a little bit inadequate.

I’ve never been a very competitive person, and this all sounded like a lot of forcing and hard work – not that appealing to me at all.

The only thing that is coming up for me at the moment are the words ‘heart-centred’, so rather than having a goal for 2023, I have a theme.

And yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s about being heart-centred.  And this is the theme that I will be carrying with me throughout the year.

So, What Exactly Does Being Heart Centred Mean?

Good question.

I’m the type of person who goes with their gut and when something feels right I just do it.  No explanation needed.

But if I want to bring others along with me, I do need to be able to articulate something.

This is the best sense I can make of it.

I think that a lot of the time we are told to use our heads.

And yes, that is very sensible advice. But what happens is that when we only use our head, a lot of past programming, beliefs, judgement and fear start to come into play.  Or else, you start to worry about the future and all the disasters that could happen.

Take me and this post.  My head was saying, ‘it’s so long since you’ve written, no one will want to hear from you, people will have forgotten you, boo hoo …. blah, blah, blah… ‘ you know how it goes.

But the heart is saying, just do it.  It’s going to be ok.  This is the right thing for you to do.

As Joe Dispenza says ‘the brain (or mind) thinks, but the heart knows’.

So, being heart centred means coming from a place of love, but also a place without fear, without judgement, not taking things personally.  And being, rather than doing.

Over the next few months I have a couple of activities planned – focusing on being heart centred and opening your heart.

My First Live Event Of 2023 – Heart Centred Tapping Day – Saturday 1st April

Taking place on Saturday 1st April, this day is for anyone who feels that there is something preventing them from being fully heart centred, stopping them from coming from a place of love or for anyone who would like to open up their heart centre.

My aim for the day is that people feel lighter, more open and at one with themselves.  That they are connected more to self-love as that is the starting point, and then so that they can send this love out to others.

It will be a bit like pressing a re-set button for you.

The day will consist of meditations, tapping and healing.  For anyone who has worked with me, you will know that I work in a very intuitive way.  So, we may make some diversions along the way.

However, as I always feel whenever I am on an adventure, that it is sometimes those diversions that are the ones that are the most rewarding and fun!

Does any of this resonate with you?  Or maybe you just like the sound of it

Book your place and come and join me for this event by clicking on the link below:

Booking For Heart Centred Tapping Day

And if this isn’t floating your boat, maybe think is there some word or theme that might be fun for you to think about this year.

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