Protect Against Negative Energy

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13th September 2016 at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Meditation with Grainne O'Neill

Unless you are living like a hermit, more than likely, you are going to come into contact with negative energy.

It could be negative people, certain toxic situations, negative stuff in our newsfeed or maybe you go to a place that just doesn’t feel good.

When we are exposed to negative energy, it can cause us to vibrate at a lower level, leading us to feeling sluggish, depressed and tired.  Sometimes people and places can drain our energy.

Protect Against Negative Energy

With this meditation, we will be looking at the different ways we can protect against negative energy.  We will also concentrate the meditation on strengthening our shields to protect us from negative energy.

The evening will start with a mindfulness exercise followed by a chakra meditation which will be an opening and clearing of the chakras for everyone.  We will then work strengthening our defences, and send this strengthening out to the greater community to provide protection and defences for everyone.

Finally, we will finish with a group healing using The Violet Flame & Rahanni.

Strengthen against negative energy

Monthly Chakra Meditation To Help Protect Against Negative Energy

About The Violet Flame:

As soon as I read about the Violet Flame, it was if it was something that I had known about for a very long time but had somehow forgotten.

For me, it is about transforming whatever negative thoughts, emotions or feelings you are holding and transmuting them back into their original state and nature which is love.

The Violet Flame works by changing the vibration of whatever you are working on from its lower vibration to a higher vibration, thus transforming and transmuting it.

Gifted to us by St Germain, the Violet Flame is available to everyone, and the more you tune into and use its energy, the stronger it becomes for you.

It is a very powerful energy.

What is Rahanni?

I was introduced to Rahanni Healing in 2015 by a beautiful friend and healer, Tricia Lane , and have incorporated it into my healing work with the Violet Flame ever since.

Since I have started working with it, it has raised my healing to another level.

‘Rahanni’ means, ‘of one heart’, and that there is no separation.  We are from and are one divine energy source.

It helps balance the masculine and feminine energy within us and can also be used for treating specific physical, emotional and mental issues.

What I love about working with Rahanni, is its gentleness and how focused it is on providing the outcome that you want to achieve.

Working with Rahanni brings in Kwon Yin, various angels and other energies who are there to guide us on our way.  It is a perfect complement to working with The Violet Flame.

So, if you wish to protect against negative energy come and join our group meditation.


Holistic Centre of Ireland is on the main street in Rathmines opposite Life Pharmacy, Swan Centre.  It is above Rathmines Dental Clinic.  The best place to park is in Swan Shopping Centre: €2 for the evening after 5.30pm.


13th September 2016
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Holistic Centre of Ireland
183 Lower Rathmines Road
Dublin, Ireland
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