Dolphin & Whale Essences

The dolphins and whales are Master Being of the oceans and their energies have a powerful effect to support us.

Developed by Erik Pelham, the essences are made up of the Soul/Spirit energies of particular pairs of dolphins and whales, so each essence will have both a male and female energy within.

The dolphin essences, LOVE essences have a softer have a softer and sometimes fun loving energy.  They work to support us in a very loving and creative way, and bring flow, clarity, balance, ease, self-reliance, energy and harmony in relationships.

Whale essences support us in a powerful, pragmatic way and bring empowerment, inner strength, courage, clarity of thinking, centeredness and confidence.

When working with you, I may recommend a combination essence to deal with a specific issue or individual whale & dolphin essences, depending on what you need at the time.


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