I felt trapped in a cycle of self-loathing and addiction.  I would try another method of quitting smoking, struggle, put on weight, hate myself, fail, and start smoking again. This had been going on over 10 years, with every fail feeling more hopeless and increasing self-loathing. 
The biggest breakthrough was the smoking and weight issues.
I am happy to say I have never smoked a cigarette or have even wanted to in over 3 years!  That is the longest EVER! But although I have at times sought relief from a situation/ stress/ crisis I have been in, having a cigarette has never seemed an answer.
I am finally at a weight or rather a body image that I accept and dare I say, like. And this is even after having a baby!  I would never have become so evolved  if it wasn’t for EFT, and more so, Grainne’s guidance.  I use EFT on my own occasionally but when things get on top of me but I find a session with Grainne is far more powerful than anything I could do by myself. 
I do actually regularly talk about the power of EFT but more strongly about your talents! I tell them its 200 times faster and more powerful than just speaking with a counsellor (which I have also done) and helps release issues that hold you back in your life. I tell them about what a serious smoker/ insecure person i was and how your sessions transformed me.
Commit to one session and if you’re not totally blown away with the speed and shifts in how you live your life I will be completely surprised.
Anytime I feel life is getting hopeless I go see Grainne, even when I was becoming a mother for the first time and I was totally panicked about my abilities at being a good mom. 
Grainne does not just work with you doing EFT, she is a talented therapist and gifted human being who is able to take any issue and treat it with respect, sensitivity and extreme care. No story or hurt is too much for Grainne and she will guide with a gentle and supportive approach so that you feel completely safe and secure. 
You truly are gifted Grainne and I feel so grateful to have met you and worked with you!

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