It is hard to put into short words, what exactly is happening at the EFT sessions with Grainne…but it is sooo much healing!!!


2 years ago I had a fulminant liver failure due to autoimmune hepatitis. Besides a quite challenging childhood, I recognized, that I needed some support after these traumatic experiences. A friend of mine recommended me Grainne and her special technique, of which I have never heard before!
This was the best advice ever!!
With her warm, sensitive, caring and also funny personality and her professional technique and experience, she managed, to guide me out of a very very difficult time in my life more effectively, than the classical counselling/therapy I have to say!!!
With the tapping I was able to recognize stuck emotions in me, which I kept in my body, locked away for a long time. The tapping enabled me to release them and be more aware of my feelings and the reasons for them… and therefore able to let go!
After the sessions I always feel sooo much better, and lighter…. as if a big weight from my shoulders was taken away and I can finally breathe!! I managed to be back in my regular life…enjoy it and appreciate, what I have. And I am happy to know, that I can come to here in case of need, which makes me feel very very safe and secure after a troubled period!!!
I am very grateful, that I have met her!!! Grainne, you are a truly gifted practitioner/healer and I can only recommend you highly enough!! Thank you !!!

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