I was turning 50 and there were things that I knew that I wanted to resolve, and despite having done work on myself before, I really wanted to focus fully on me.  And it was important to me that I took my time with it.

There were a few different areas I wanted to work on: self-confidence, trusting myself, getting rid of pain from childhood.  I wanted to heal myself so that heading into my 50s would be a positive experience for me

I was tired of feeling ‘less than’ in myself.  It hurt me to feel these things because I knew that I didn’t have to feel this way.  I felt that my past was intruding on my life now and I wanted to resolve the issues related to it and I wanted to be freer.  There was a lot there.

I found the process of working with you was gentle.  It was a safe process to be in.  I actually looked forward to our sessions.  I trusted you implicitly and as time went by I trusted myself more in the process.  I never felt that I was going to be brought into something that I would not be able to deal with when I left you.  I really felt that you gave me the tools to handle whatever came up.  I always felt that things were resolved.

The impact of doing this work with you has been huge personally.  The ripple effect is that it has definitely changed the dynamics of my relationships.  I feel much more independent, separate in myself.  I don’t need other people to validate me or to confirm who I am or to maybe confirm the negative bits in me.  And it’s lovely when someone says to you naturally, ‘wow, you seem so much more together’ –  that’s been huge, so I have a lovely sense of who I am and trusting that and not having to go to others for approval or whatever.

People say that I am quieter, not shouting as much, much more relaxed.  I would say I’m a much more pleasant human being to be around.  Both of my children have said that I’m not as quick to be upset or angry.  My husband has said I’m much easier to be around.  My brother has said that he has seen a huge difference in me – and I’ve had other difficulties with another family member and I feel that I’m dealing with it really well.  I’m really clear about what needs to be done.

If I hadn’t done the work with you, I wouldn’t have trusted myself, and I wouldn’t have stepped up (into a new role).  I find myself listening more and reasoning things out more.

It’s given me an ability to think about the worst things and just say, well that may happen, but we’ll deal with it at the time.

If I’m telling someone about you, Grainne, I usually start by saying what a wonderful person you are and how it’s a very comfortable, safe space to be in with you.  I never felt that I was under the clock with you or that what I was saying was irrelevant or unimportant.  That was really valuable.

My past is now my learning, because I understand how I have reacted to it and how I can benefit from it going forward.

The Transformation Tapping Programme with you has been life changing and I think we use that term far too much.  When you are in the s**t, you can’t see ‘life-changing’.  It seems so far out there.  But the fact is I HAVE changed.  I am my own person and the value of that cannot be understated.  When you can rely and trust yourself to bring yourself along on the challenges, there is actually nothing greater than that .  Because when you can rely on yourself, a lot of fear goes out of it.  And if you make a decision that is not right, you know that you can still deal with that, and learn from it .  So it’s going forward with your own sense of self, and trusting that.



If you’d like to have a chat with me about my Transformation Tapping Programme, please contact me at info@grainnemoneill.com and we can have a chat.

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