I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help & support over the past few months. When I first met you I was lacking in self confidence & self worth,mainly steming from childhood experiences. I suffered from anxiety and constantly felt panicked & unable to cope with ordinary everyday tasks.You were there to listen & always made me feel at ease.

I realise now I was blocking so much happiness because I felt I didn’t deserve it & I was not good enough. I never left my comfort zone as it made me feel vulnerable & unsafe. All this has changed, I am now more open to possibilities and because I have learned how to eliminate negative beliefs I am now attracting positive things in my life.

I found our sessions to be very beneficial and always left there feeling so calm & better able to face any obstacles that came my way, and as the weeks went by felt more in control of my life. I had always ignored my own needs but was there to help others. I have now become much more assertive saying no to others and yes to myself and am feeling so much happier.

I have just purchased my perfect home and life could not be better at the moment. I genuinely feel it would not have been possible without your help. You gave me the courage & self-belief to go for it & for this I am truely grateful. I am so excited about the future for the first time in ages.

I want to wish you every happiness for the future & I’m sure you will be there to offer your help and guidance to many more people in the years ahead.

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