I was frazzled about what career choice to make.  I seemed to be having some sort of quarter life crisis aged 26/27 and was toying with the idea of going back to college to retrain as I wasn’t happy in my chosen field.  I flitted from one job to another just to pay the bills and student loan, and was quite weighed down with the weight of the debt I had.
On the career front, working with Grainne gave me the courage to go back to college, and realise that everything is achievable in baby steps.  I was so lost and felt too old to retrain at the time before our work together.
I also had some major breakthroughs doing the money course with Grainne – I have since cleared my loans, gotten a new car for a bargain and was given a promotion in my work.
I’m working the field I retrained in and I’ve just been head-hunted for a new role with a nice pay rise. 

I never would have believed I’d get where I am if you’d asked me before I started to work with Grainne. Part of it has been building self-confidence and worth, and learning to trust my instincts, and use the EFT techniques when things get tough or wont shift.

I would call Grainne an instinctual healer, because depending on the situation, she will use many or all of her skills to suit it.  There isn’t only one way to mend something, and Grainne helps guide you to what works best for you.
Go and just try it once and you’ll be convinced.  Even if it’s just to talk and be in the presence of someone so calm, Grainne will change you.  If you want to change something, Grainne is the way. I can’t say simpler than that.
I’ve always enjoyed working with Grainne, even when tough stuff has come up, she has helped me be brave enough to face it head on.  Not only that, but she has helped me relax and take things a little less seriously, see the humour in the thread of life.  She makes what could be a trying and painful process full of ease and even pleasant.

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