I see how the detail, the step by step approach and the grounding in the different techniques, which we received in our training, are all so essential to this work.

I am more than grateful that my training with Gráinne O Neill insists that I do monitored case studies as well as further ‘practice sessions’.  It impresses on me the importance of this work.

As a trainee, I greatly appreciate Gráinne’s availability and backup including the webinar follow up sessions she provides.  I also appreciate her very professional, authentic and responsible approach.

Clients can have deep old and very painful issues and if we practitioners are not competent to hold and support the space excellently we may be doing them and ourselves a great disservice.

I am very happy to have done Levels 1 and 2 with Gráinne and feel fully engaged and very pleased and satisfied to see ‘clients’ getting such immediate and hope giving benefit from their EFT work.

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