I was feeling extremely anxious, unable to be in the city or anywhere that large crowds gathered. I had irritable bowel symptoms.  I wanted to be better able to cope and to enjoy life again.
Now, I have a greater sense of well-being and lightness and considerably less anxiety. My confidence has returned.  I am very, very pleased to be as well as I am now. I had lunch with a friend in a busy city-centre restaurant recently.
I experience you as warm, gentle, lively, interesting and good humoured.  You present as a clear thinker, articulate and obviously knowledgeable, not just about EFT and the therapies that you use, but also about other therapeutic practices.
You model a lovely warm self-confidence and sense of well-being that is infectious.  Your empathy is palpable and yet you are practical and make it clear that we have work to do and objectives to meet.
Do seek an appointment with Grainne. You won’t be disappointed because I reckon that, therapies aside, she is above all, a true healer. Grainne’s presence is healing.

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