Tapping with Grainne has changed my life. Prior to working with Grainne, i suffered from paralysing anxiety and sadness. I constantly worried about  what might happen and of course always expected the worst! I lacked confidence as I never felt “good enough”. I blocked happiness because I didnt think I deserved it.
Since working with Grainne, I have gained confidence and even taken up group hobbies. I have attracted other positive people into my life and now have so much fun. I can detach from the problems of others rather than taking them on as my own. Friends and family too, have  noticed the change and commented on how full my life has become.
I looked forward to the tapping sessions with Grainne and thoroughly enjoyed going through the process. She is a woman of great integrity, extreme kindness and is very intuitive. She is a natural gifted healer and has a genuine interest in every individual.
I am now a much happier person.
I have recommended tapping to other family members and friends and they also have felt the benefits.
I would advise anyone who is experiencing physical, mental or emotional difficulty to give tapping with Grainne a try!

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