Does It Feel Like Life Is Passing You By?

Do you feel that you’ve put so much effort into your family, but what about you?  Maybe you are at the stage where the children are much more independent and starting to make their own way in the world, going to college, and they are full if their own hopes and dreams.


And you’re starting to wonder, what about my hopes and dreams?

Rediscover Your Unique Passion

There is so much that you wanted to do when you were starting out, and then you had happily made the choice to put your family first. But now the family are at the stage where they no longer rely on you as much.

You see them heading off to college and making life choices, and they are so confident but you’re wondering what about me now? What do I do now? What can I do?

You have this constant negative voice in your head –I’m not good enough, there’s no way I can do something different, I don’t have the confidence to try something different.

And maybe you are starting to get really ratty, biting people’s head off for the smallest thing. This really upsets you because you weren’t always like this. You used to be happy and enjoy life. But now you feel invisible. No one notices you, and no one asks what you want, what you think.

And you know that you can’t go on like this. You’re at breaking point and you can either hit the booze or else are destined to spending a lifetime on medication but this is not what you want.

You don’t know where to turn to…

Well, welcome to the club!

The good news is – you are not the only one who feels or has felt like this.

So many women come to a stage in their life where they feel they are stuck. The family are moving on and they see how much confidence the teenagers and young people have and they feel that their confidence is on the floor.  

There is no way they could attempt to do something different and they are stuck in a cycle of despair and find themselves getting panicky when they think about having to do something different. Or to be something different.

For the last number of years they have known exactly who they are, and what was expected of them. I’m Jack’s mother, Rob’s wife.. but as the family start gaining more independence, their role is different. And they just don’t know who they are or what they want in life.

They are stuck and they don’t know what to do, they can’t see how anything can change.

Let me tell you about Sarah…

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was completely frazzled and feeling hopeless when she first came to see me. Her kids were in their mid to late teens and she felt that she was having a bit of an early mid-life crisis.

The kids all knew exactly what they wanted to do, and had moved on but she had no idea what she wanted to do. She had worked in a good job before having kids but now she felt that she was too old to do something different, didn’t have anything to offer, and had zero confidence to even think about doing something different (who would want to employ me? I’ve no experience, I’m not good enough, the job market has changed so much etc etc). You get the picture. 

After working with me, Sarah went on to re-train in journalism and initially worked as an online journalist and then with a monthly magazine. She has recently been headhunted for a new position with a great promotion and a nice pay rise.

Here is what she had to say about working with me:

“On the career front, working with Grainne gave me the courage to go back to college, and realise that everything is achievable in baby steps . I was so lost and felt too old to retrain at the time before our work together.


I’m working the field I retrained in and I’ve just been head-hunted for a new role with a nice pay rise. I never would have believed I’d get where I am if you’d asked me before I started to work with Grainne. Part of it has been building self-confidence and worth, and also learning to trust my instincts.”

This is just what I need!  How Do I Start?

The great news is that I offer 3 packages to help to get you unstuck and to start moving forward:


Working over 6 weeks with 3 x 1 hour session.  This is for you if you are trying to finding the solution to a specific challenge that you are currently facing, whether it be related to your work, relationships or socially (and usually they are related!!).   At the end of this programme you will have renewed confidence that life is good now and the expectation that it will get even better.

Cost: €360

Re-Discover Your Passion

Working together over 12 weeks (6 sessions) plus an additional session to clear negative influences. to feel great about being you and the gifts you have. Finally getting rid of those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Then taking the steps to use these great gifts you have, to take the steps to live a fulfilling, passionate and enjoyable life. 

Also included: 

  • Follow Up session which can be used any time after the end of your programme.
  • 10 minute meditation audio to promote relaxation and feelings of well-being.
  • 50 minute chakra clearing and violet flame healing meditation, to promote feelings of deep relaxation and enhanced well-being.

Cost: €940

Move Into

This is for people who really want to do the work, make it happen and invite huge success into their lives. Working over 20 weeks (10 sessions , learn to feel so great about you and all that you have to offer, and designing the new successful you. Finally, working on developing strategies for your success, and being 100% congruent with your new direction.

Also included: 

  • An additional session to clear negative influences
  • AND a session to release tribal influences (beliefs from family, loyalty to peer group)
  • 10 minute meditation audio to promote relaxation and feelings of well-being.
  • 50 minute chakra clearing and violet flame healing meditation, to promote feelings of deep relaxation and enhanced well-being.
  • 2 x Booster sessions which can be used any time after the end of your programme.

Cost: €1450

Words From My Clients

“I had old emotional issues from childhood, which had resulted in chronic anxiety, neck pain and headaches. I also began waking up with panic attacks at one point and by this time I was feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and also felt very helpless and frustrated.

Grainne is a very warm and caring person and with her guidance using EFT, I haven’t had any recurring night panic attacks and I have found that I have control back over my life instead of feeling helpless. My neck pain is gone except for a few times which I can honestly say I created from hours of study and art without taking a break or checking my posture.”

NG, China

‘Grainne is a wonder. I would call her an instinctual healer, because depending on the situation, she will use many or all of her skills to suit it. There isn’t only one way to mend something, and Grainne helps guide you to what works best for you, be it EFT, energy healing, matrix therapy, or listening to your own inner voice. 


I’ve always enjoyed working with Grainne, even when tough stuff has come up, she has helped me be brave enough to face it head on. Not only that, but she has helped me relax and take things a little less seriously, see the humour in the thread of life. She makes what could be a trying and painful process full of ease and even pleasant.’

Patricia, Dublin

“Hi Grainne

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help & support over the past few months.


When I first met you I was lacking in self-confidence & self-worth, mainly stemming from childhood experiences. I suffered from anxiety and constantly felt panicked & unable to cope with ordinary everyday tasks. You were there to listen & always made me feel at ease.


I realise now I was blocking so much happiness because I felt I didn’t deserve it & I was not good enough. I never left my comfort zone as it made me feel vulnerable & unsafe. All this has changed, I am now more open to possibilities and because I have learned how to eliminate negative beliefs I am now attracting positive things in my life.


I found our sessions to be very beneficial and always left there feeling so calm & better able to face any obstacles that came my way, and as the weeks went by felt more in control of my life. I had always ignored my own needs but was there to help others. I have now become much more assertive saying no to others and yes to myself and am feeling so much happier.


I have just purchased my perfect home and life could not be better at the moment. I genuinely feel it would not have been possible without your help. You gave me the courage & self-belief to go for it & for this I am truly grateful. I am so excited about the future for the first time in ages.

I want to wish you every happiness for the future & I’m sure you will be there to offer your help and guidance to many more people in the years ahead. “


‘I was feeling extremely anxious, unable to be in the city or anywhere that large crowds gathered. I had irritable bowel symptoms. I wanted to be better able to cope and to enjoy life again.


I have a greater send of well-being and lightness and considerably less anxiety. My confidence has returned. I am very, very pleased to be as well as I am now. I had lunch with a friend in a busy city-centre restaurant recently.


I experience you as warm, gentle, lively, interesting and good humoured. You present as a clear thinker, articulate and obviously knowledgeable, not just about EFT and the therapies that you use, but also about other therapeutic practices.


You model a lovely warm self-confidence and sense of well-being that is infectious. Your empathy is palpable and yet you are practical and make it clear that we have work to do and objectives to meet.


The biggest change? My renewed confidence that life is good now and the expectation that it will get even better.’


Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Yes, I mean this!

My job is to get you unstuck, help you to start moving in the direction that you want to go in and to start feeling confident and happy with your life.

 But if for any reason you feel that this is not working for you, you’re not getting what you hoped from the programme, you will get your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

How To Apply:

Due to the huge demand, I am only offering a limited number of these packages until 15 February. And when they are gone, they’re gone. These packages are already selling like hot cakes (yay!) and I now only have 4 available.

 So, if you’re serious about getting unstuck, getting your life on track and building your confidence, apply now by filling in this form.

I look forward to hearing from you

Grainne O’Neill

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