Christmas is a busy time of year and not everyone loves it.  It can be a time that highlights all of the things you are missing, not to mention all of the hectic activity of trying to get everything done.

Or you may be trying to pretend that you are really happy when you are feeling anything but.

I’m running a special free online eventwhere you will discover how to release any of these emotions with my proven techniques.

During Our Call You Will:


Learn where to start if you want to feel calmer and release your Christmas stress


Discover the secrets to getting the best results 


 See the acupuncture points to tap on


Tap as part of the group so you get first-hand experience of using this amazing tool for yourself


Learn how to use this technique so that no one knows that you are doing it!

Join my Free Online Class

20th December, 2018

7pm – 8pm GMT

I’m Grainne O’Neill and I have been using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as tapping for over 10 years now.  It’s a system where you tap on acupuncture points to release stress.

I love the technique so much that I trained in tapping and now see clients individually and also offer training to people who want to use tapping for themselves or want to use it professionally.

It’s an incredibly effective tool and is great at getting to the root of the problem, and helping you to feel calm and relaxed.

In this free lesson, I will be sharing the secrets to the tapping technique that I use with my one to one clients to help you to relax, rewind and enjoy the Christmas period.

On the call, I will show you how to use the tools yourself, what points to tap on and what to say.  We will work as a group to release what is causing you to feel stress, anxiety or any other emotions that you may be feeling about Christmas so you get to experience the technique for yourself.

I will also show you what to do if you have no idea where to start.  

One of the things I love about tapping is that it is such a practical tool and that you can start feeling the results straight away,

If you would like to discover more about releasing the Christmas stress, come join us on Thursday 13th December from 7:00pm to 8:00pm by clicking on the box below:

Btw, I’m taping the lesson and will send it on to you so you have it to use for yourself later.  I will also send on a diagram to you that you can use after the event.

Places are limited and it will be strictly on a first come first served basis – so make sure to grab your place.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Join MY Free Online Class

20th December, 2018

7pm – 8pm GMT

Here is what some of my clients had to say

Of all the money that I have spent on myself over the years trying to make myself feel better about me, I have to say that you top them all.  I felt such a sense of relief from the emotional pain that I carried for so many years … 

you not only cleared this pathway for me, but gave me the tools so as I can carry on the good work on healing myself.  For this I am truly grateful every day

Catherine, Dublin

Grainne gently helped me find answers that I needed to improve my life in a secure, positive environment.  Working with her has definitely changed my life for the better.


As a person I feel deeply connected to the spiritual and believe Grainne to be truly gifted in the practice of EFT and I would highly recommend sessions with her. You will walk and think more lightly and freely when you leave, for that I can vouch!

DP, Italy

I had old emotional issues from childhood, which had resulted in chronic anxiety, neck pain and headaches.  I also began waking up with panic attacks at one point and by this time I was feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and also felt very helpless and frustrated.  

Grainne is a very warm and caring person and with her guidance using EFT, I haven’t had any recurring night panic attacks and I have found that I have control back over my life instead of feeling helpless.  


I found our sessions to be very beneficial and always left there feeling so calm & better able to face any obstacles that came my way, and as the weeks went by felt more in control of my life.  

I have just purchased my perfect home and life could not be better at the moment. I genuinely feel it would not have been possible without your help. You gave me the courage & self-belief to go for it & for this I am truly grateful. I am so excited about the future for the first time in ages.

Anon, Dublin

Join my Free Online Class

20th December, 2018

7pm – 8pm GMT