EFT Training 1I first came across EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or tapping as it is more commonly known in 2006, and finally got to do my EFT Training in 2008.

Previously, I had studied coaching, which I then followed up with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

While all of these techniques are very valuable, and I incorporate them into the work that I do, once I had completed EFT Training, it became the primary tool that I use for myself and with all of my clients.

For me, EFT is the technique that quickly gets to the root of the problem.  It is also especially useful for dealing with trauma and has a number of techniques specifically designed to gently and effectively deal with and eliminate its emotional consequences.

I love running the trainings and sharing it so that you can use this for yourself, friends and family, or incorporate as part of your professional practice.  It is a great stand-alone tool and also fits in well with different modalities.

‘I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of EFT for either personal or professional use.  The course is a wonderful, enriching experience and I’m very much looking forward to attending the Level 2.’

Rachel McAteer

EFT Training Course Content:

Run over 2 days, the EFT training course (Level 1) covers the following topics:

  • EFT Basic Procedure and short cut
  • How to decide what to tap on
  • What to do if it gets too emotional
  • Introduction to working with trauma
  • Using EFT for Physical Issues
  • Tackle those food cravings!!
  • Techniques and tools when EFT isn’t working
  • EFT Demonstration & Practice Sessions

The EFT Training I run is with small groups, so you really get to learn and practice the techniques, with hands on suggestions and feedback of how to improve.

‘Attending EFT Training Level 1 with Gráinne surpassed all my expectations.  Gráinne’s teaching style is very inclusive, practical and gentle. I can’t recommend this EFT T training course enough.  The magic of EFT really made an impact. 

 Helen O’Flinn

If you want to deepen your understanding of EFT, and become a practitioner, you can continue on to EFT Level 2, which is run over 3 days.  On completion, if you wish to be an AAMET accredited practitioner, you will complete case studies and practice sessions.

EFT Training Professional Body:

As a certified and accredited trainer with AAMET (Association for Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques), the training is compliant with their syllabus and guidelines.

The emphasis with AAMET is to provide professional training, supervision and mentoring for you in line with National Occupational Standards throughout the world.

Their guidelines and syllabus provides you with a step by step approach and a solid grounding in the techniques, so you have the tools, knowledge and experience to deal with a range of different and frequently painful issues that clients come with.

The work of AAMET lays the groundwork for recognition of this organisation as a leader in the field of EFT training and for more formal recognition of EFT as a respected complementary modality.

Interestingly, in the US, the American Psychological Association EFT American Psychological Association have conducted some favourable studies on the effectiveness of EFT which is helping EFT to gain more awareness and recognition as a therapy.

Also, AAMET accredited EFT practitioners have been approved by the US Military to deal with veterans with PTSD, which shows the level of professionalism that this training provides.

In the National Health Service in the UK, they have started to use it as an effective method for treating anxiety and other mental health difficulties: BBC EFT Report.

Can I do EFT Training Online?

While there is a certain amount that you can learn online, the best EFT Training is in-person, to help you to become really proficient and an expert in tapping EFT.  In addition to learning techniques and theory on the course, you get to see demonstrations, ask questions have your own practice sessions and receive feedback on what you have done.

EFT Training Dublin?  EFT Training Ireland?

Most of my training courses are run in Dublin, however I have been invited and also trained students in other parts of the country.

In 2014, I travelled to Hong Kong, to teach Level 1 and I look forward to returning there soon.

So, if you have a group who would like to learn EFT in another part of the country, please contact me, and we can have a chat.

To find out more about my EFT training and courses or to contact me, please click on the link below:

Grainne O’Neill EFT Training


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