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Workplace stress is on the rise, from changing work practices to the global market we all compete in now – lead times are getting shorter and expectations steadily increase.  Hiring new staff is an enormous drain on any company and it can be no surprise that 16% of employes have quit their job because it became overwhelming (Forbes, 2019).

Create a better culture of wellness in work and see your greatest assets thrive.

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The effects from stress are more than just lost days in work. When employees are stressed, they are less productive, less creative, less able to solve problems and more inclined to have difficulties in working relationships. If absent, they will be totally unproductive, putting more pressure on the staff who are still working.

All of this puts a huge strain on the organisation in terms of days lost, managing the existing staff and the general feelings of well-being.

The stress epidemic is growing – old ways of protecting your staff no longer work.

Relying on HR

Human Resource departments are overrun with paperwork and struggling to keep up with individual employee needs. 

Direct Line Management

Who take care of the managers?  Managers are under just as much stress as their staff and lack the tools to help them cope and help their staff thrive.

Yearly Retreats

While these are great as team building exercises, wellness and a culture of support is something that needs to be nurtured daily for best results. 


Put wellness first in your organisation

I offer the following services to enhance corporate wellness in the workplace: 

Tapping on acupuncture points to release stress

Tools For Releasing Stress

These talks can be tailored to each organisation’s specific needs.  This talk will give people tools for releasing stress and promoting general wellbeing.  This can be done online or in person.



I offer meditation both online and in person.  This guided mediation provides relaxation – taped so that participants can listen to the recording again.

Stress Release Workshops

As well as giving people the tools to release stress, we work on specific issues around stress.  This works very well both in person and online.

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